Pennsylvania Volunteers
in the Spanish-American War


Look for your ancestors in this genealogy database of PA Spanish-American War soldiers. Use these free Pennsylvania military records to help with your PA genealogy search. Send away for your ancestor's military pension records & learn about your PA ancestry & family history.

PA Spanish American War

Roster Abbreviations

A. A. A. G. Acting Assistant Adjutant General. Infy. Infantry.
  I. R. P. Inspector of Rifle Practice.
A. A. G. Assistant Adjutant General Lieut. Lieutenant.
Maj. Major.
A. C. Army Corps. Med. Chi. Medico Chirurgical
Actg. Acting. M. I. Mustered In .
A. D. C. Aide-de-Camp. Mil. Militia.
Adj. Adjutant. Mily. Military.
A. G. Adjutant General. M. O. Mustered out.
A. G. O.
Adjutant General's Office. Mus. Musician.
Amb. Ambulance. N.G.P. National Guard of Penna.
Apptd. Appointed. Non. Com. Non Commissioned.
Artf. Artificer. Ord. Ordnance.
Arty. Artillery. Pac. Pacific.
Asst. Assistant. Par. Paragraph.
Battn. Battalion. P.I. Philippine Islands.
Baty. Battery. P. R. Porto Rico. (sic)
Brig. Brigadier. Prin. Mus. Principle Musician.
Cal. California Priv. Private.
Capt. Captain. Prom. Promoted.
Cavy. Cavalry. P.V.I. Penna. Vol. Infantry
Cert. Certificate. Q. M. Quartermaster.
CO. Company. Q. M. Sgt. Quartermaster Sergeant.
Col. Colonel. Regt. Regiment.
ColO. Colorado. Regtl. Regimental.
Comd. Commander. Res. Residence
Comdg. Commanding. R. O. Regimental Order.
Comsd. Commissioned. Sgt. Sergeant.
Comy. Commissary. Sect. War. Secretary of War.
Corp. Corporal. Slg. Corps. Signal Corps.
c. s. Current Series. S. N. M. State Naval Militia.
C. S. Commissary of Subsistence S. O. Special order.
Stew. Steward.
Dept. Department. Sub. subsistence.
det. Detached. Sum. Ct. Summary Court.
Dischd. discharge Surg. Surgeon.
Dist. District. Tranfd. Transferred.
Div. Division. U. S. Army United States Army.
Enrd. Enrolled. U. S. M. C. United States Marine Corps.
Exp. Expeditionary.
F. O. C. Field Officer's Court. U. S. Navy United States Navy.
F. C. M. Field Court Martial. U. S. V. Eng. United States Volunteer Engineers
G. C. M. General Court Martial
Gen. Hdq General Headquarters Vet. Veteran.
G. O. General Order. Vety. Veterinary.
Hdq. A. Headquarters of the Army. Vol. Volunteer.
H. I. Hawaiian Islands. V. O. Verbal Order.
Hosp. Hospital. Wag. Wagoner.
Incl. Inclusive. W.Dept. War Department.
Ind. Independent. Databases

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