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Spanish-American War
Perry County Pennsylvania Soldiers, 1898

Col. A.K. McClure, in his "Recollections of Half a Century" says: "Soon after William McKinley entered the Presidential office he was confronted with the Cuban troubles which ultimately resulted in a war with Spain. I saw him many times during the progress of events which led up to the war, and he was often torn by conflicting desires. Like Lincoln, he was profoundly averse to war, and shuddered at the sacrifice of lives of his countrymen; but the wrongs of Cuba became so intolerable and aroused the country to such a measure of resentment that when the battleship Maine (which had gone there on a friendly errand) was blown up and the lives of hundreds of our brave sailors sacrificed there was no alternative but to accept the arbitrament of the sword in behalf of humanity and justice. He was reluctant until the last moment to accept war, but when it was no longer possible to avoid it with honor he entered into it with all the earnestness of his patriotic nature. After battles had been fought and victories won by both our army and navy he was earnestly for peace, and was largely instrumental himself in effecting the preliminary agreement that practically ended the war. But for the extraordinary efforts of himself, his cabinet and warm personal political supporters, the country would have been involved in interminable complications at the very outset of the war. It required all the political sagacity and moral power of the government to restrain Congress from involving us in the recognition of the Cuban Republic and making us accountable to the world for obligations entirely beyond the scope of our humane purposes or our national necessities."

This war of short duration declared against Spain on April 20, 1898, was really the outcome of the horrible crimes committed by General Weyler in Cuba, the blowing up of the Maine having had a somewhat similar effect to the firing upon Fort Sumter prior to the War between the States. Perry County being a county of small population, had no military contingents of the National Guard within its confines, and accordingly had few soldiers in this war, as the army was almost wholly drawn from that source.

From other contingents the following Perry County names are taken:

Barrack, William, H., served in Cuba
Black, John, Tuscarora Township; Co. B, Nebraska Regiment. Died US Hospital, Cavite, September 5, 1898.
Blain, William A., Greenwood Township Troop I, US Cavalry. Enlisted at Reading, June 2, 1898.
Burd, John W., Buffalo Township; Co. D, Eighth Regt. , P.V.I.
Fissel, William H. Duncannon; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Fosselman, John J., Tuscarora Township; C.G. Fifth Regt
Frank, John R.; Co. C, Twelfth Regt.
Gettys, H. A., Marysville; Co. B, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Gunderman, Edward C.; Ninth Infantry and Fifteenth Cavalry, Philippines.
Hain, William J.; Sheridan Troop, Tyrone, Pa.
Jones, Harry E.; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
McNeely, John M.; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Moyer, Charles W.; Co. E. Twelfth Regiment
Ney, Charles I.; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Pfafflin, Adolph R., Marysville; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Patterson, Harry A., Marysville; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Sellers, Harvey, Marysville; Co. I Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Shaffer, Elmer E. served in Philippines.
Shannon, Frank A.
Sharon, Austin C.; Co. I, First Regt , P.V.I.
Toladn, Thomas F., Duncannon; Co. I, Fourth Regt P.V.I.
Wise, Walter E. Marysville; Co. I, Fourth Regt , P.V.I.
Wolfe, Harvey F.; Co. I, Fourth Regt P.V.I.
Wright, Jesse W.; Bo. B. Twelfth Regt. Philippines

Source: Hain, Harry Harrison,. History of Perry County, Pennsylvania : including descriptions of Indian and pioneer life from the time of earliest settlement, sketches of its noted men and women and many professional men. Harrisburg, Pa.: Hain-Moore Co., 1929. Databases

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