Pennsylvania Volunteers
in the Spanish-American War


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Spanish-American War
York County Pennsylvania Soldiers, 1898

Roster of Colonel Edwin B. Watts Camp
United Spanish War Veterans

Anderson, George J.
Amsbaugh, E. M.
Beaverson, Joseph
Baublitz, William H.
Bailey, James A.
Brunhouse, Charles H.
Brant, H. Clay
Bare, George W.
Berman, Arthur
Badders, H. M.
Bluckinger, William
Cochrane, John
Carpenter, George C.
Diven J.S.
Daron, John L.
Diehl, Luther M.
Dessenberger, R.D.
Dingler, Joseph
Frank, George L.
Fickes, W.W.
Fry, George S.
Frey, Frank F.
Frey, Ralph W.
Fickes, George
Garver, Adam
Garver, John
Graybill, John
Graybill, David G.
Gilbert, Dr. John
Godfrey, Robert
Glessner, Charles W.
Heberly, Thomas F.
Henderickson, Joseph
Hess, Albert W.
Heffner, Charles H.
Hassler, Samuel W.
Heiges, Jay C.
Hyde, George
Hollinger, Amos
Judy, John H
Jacoby, Emory A.
Keesey, Adam
Kranich, R. A.
Kephart, F.E.
Kissinger, Lee P.
Lutz, Charles A.
Leathery, D.H.
Logan, James J.
Leese, Edgar A.
Little, Edward S.
Lindemuth, W.P.
Minnich, William F.
Meldrum, Vernon
Myers, Harry M.
McCall, Samuel K.
McCormick, Harry
McComas, John
Ortmyer, Harvey J.
Pfleiger, Emanuel
Platts, Robert J.
Ramer, Harry M.
Ryder, William E.
Schall, Joseph H.
Strickler, Ulrich
Strickler, Hope W.
Seidenstricker, C. A.
Seifert, William F.
Small, Walter J.
Smith, Harvey
Seigman, Stephen
Seifert, Samuel
Smith, James E.
Truett, James B.
Trone, Harvey
Witmer, Elwood
Weist, Harry W.
Wintfelter, John
Walter, Derg G.
Wantz, Frank R.

Deceased Members
Howard Kissinger
Dan B. Miller
William Keppler
Kirk White Owen

Source: Hall, Clifford J.. York County and the World War : being a war history of York and York County, and a record of the services rendered to their country by the people of this community. York, Pa.: C.J. Hall and J.P. Lehn, 1920. Databases

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