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PA Spanish American War

The Diary of John Henry Asendorf

The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer
During the Philippine-American War (1898 - 1899)

April 1999

Sunday April 2/99

Weather is lovely but hot as ever every thing is quiet around the Rebels Capitols 22 Inf who had served as Reserve right along went back to Manila and the 3d Artellery are policing the City in the afternoon we recieved Mail from US but I only got one from G.F. Co C. & D. is on Outpost Mayor Cuthbertson and several others visited us from Corricodore I also took a drive out in the Country in a captured Rig and gathered a few Relics

Monday April 3/99

Weather fine Co C. & D. came in from Outpost at 6 a.m. the 4th Cav went out scouting in the Mountains Two large Krup Guns where found buried in the Streets of the City and 3 more it said are buried some where in the afternoon we went in Swimming in the River and most of us washed our Clothes the Train made 2 trips to Manila carrying the death and wounded with them

Tuesday April 4/99

The Weather is awfull Hot everything is quiet on the line the Boys are taking things easy and smal Parties are going out in the Woods scouting thousands of Rounds of Ammunition was found the Water is getting scarce here and each Train brings us some distilled Water from the City we are really enjoying Camp life now and hope our fighting will soon come to a End there are only about 50 in C. Co sit for duty

Wednesday April 5/99

we all spent a quiet Night and a nice Breese is blowing in the Morning many fellows from A. & B. Co Coriodore came up on the Train for a Visit and see the Sights I wrote 2 letters in the afternoon in the Evening C. & D. Cos went on Outpost every thing was quiet all day

Thursday April 6/99

the Night was spent quietly in our district but the 3d Artillery where attaked in the Morning but the repulsed them in short Order 3 or 4 where wounded all Volunter Reg recieved 25 new Kraig Jorgeson Rifles for each company as the Springfield do in some cases not reach the Enemy

Friday April 7/99

the day was fine every thing is quiet on the line most of the Boys are hunting up Shade trees and spent most of the time reading it being too Hot to do anything else it is reported that Mail is in in the Evening Robt Griffith and myself got Orders to drive to Manila the nesct day and take in a Canga and 2 Horses and other things

Saturday April 8/99

much firing was done during the Night on our exstreme left and therefor we didnt make our Trip but stayed in Malolos Cos C. & D. went on Outpost in the Evening

Sunday April 9/99

the Night was quiet Captain Bierer having verry sore Legs went to Manila for a few days the day was spent verry quietly in the afternoon we recieved Mail from U S I recieved on letter from G and his Kater and a Reciept at Night about 12 o Clock the Enemy attaked out Outpost the rest of the Cos reinforced them and in a few hours repulsed the Enemy the 3d Artillery lost several Killed and some wounded but the Enemy lost over 300 Killed and that many wounded

Monday April 10/99

we got up befor daylight fed our Horses and took a days Ration and started towards Manila at 5.30 everything went on all right until we reached the River here I swam our Horses across and put the Carige on the Raft and pulled it across from the other Side this we had to do at the rest of the 3 Rivers just as we crossed the last River some Rebels fired at us but we drove on for dear life in fact we had never realised our danger but we arived in Manila safely at 6p.m. at 7 o Clock we heard the News that a heavy Battle was fought along the Railroad and in the same town where we where fired on the Minisotas had 4 men Killed and 8 wounded and the Oregons 3 Killed and 14 wounded all the Killed where terribly cut up some had their Hearts cut out some had their Bodies cut all up to pieces our Men now get blod thirsty and many of the Native are threated likewise though unknown to the Officers about 150 N*****s where Killed and many wounded and about 100 where taking Prisoner and broght to Manila in Manila everything is quiet the Regulars are patroling the City and some of them have been stabed to death by the treacherous Natives.

Tuesday April 11/99

I got up at 7 a.m. and spent the Fornoon in writing a letter and send of a good seal of my Relics wich I brought from Malolas and other places in the Evening I was invited for dinner at my german Friend wich I enjoyed verry much and then in the Evening I wrote a short letter to G and then slept ones more in a good bed

Wednesday April 12/99

Attended to some Buisnes for the Regiment and took the Train to Malolas at 2 p.m. found everybody well in Camp the Colonel is not verry well and has lost at least 50-60 pounds in Weight mostly all of us have lost some

Thursday April 13/99

Cos C and D came in from Outpost at daylight ate Breakfast and then reinforce the 3d Artillery who had being engaged all Morning sins 3 o Clock in the eastern Part of Malolas Co. C. suported their Guns 8 of the Artllry men where brought in wounded at 10 a.m. of wich 2 of them died befor noon in the Evening we recieved the good News to pack up at day break and return to Manila the 2 Battalion of the 51 Ioway taken our place 3 good cheers followed wich was taken up by the rest of the Volunter Regiments as the all well Knowed that the 10th Regt had done their chair and needed rest many Rumors where afloat Going Home in 2 or 3 week or going Home on the Sheridan and other Rumors

Friday April 14/99

Got up at 5 a.m. and after eating Breakfast we broke Camp and took all our Stuff to the depot a 9 am we all boarded the train and started for Manila ariving there about noon we then boarded 6 lighters wich towed us over to Cavite we then went into Barracks located by the Ioways while crossing the Bay we seen the T.S. Sheridan from New York with troops aboard her we also passed Manaduok Monteray and Oregon and the Olympia. I slept all Night in the Navy Yard wich is patroled by Dewys Marines our Quarters are the best we ever had the Ioways are still ocupying some of them until the nesct morning

Saturday April 15/99

we breakfast at 7 o Clock and then police our Quarters the Ioways are leaving at 8 a.m. to take our place on the firing line at Malolas after most of the Boys are taken in the City and have a good time all are pleased with the place proviting if it is only for a short stay Mitchel from Co B is aperently going to be apointed Comision Sergt in place of ANDERSON who recieved his discharge some time ago

Sunday April 16/99

The Weather is warm but a good Breese is blowing most of the Boys are enjoying a Swim in the Bay a detail is sent to Manila to load our Clothes and Stuff on the lighters wich arrived in the Evening but every body has a time getting his right stuff I have lost several things but not valuable our Regt is patroling the City and Beach the prisoners are policing our Quarters and the Streets in general

Monday April 17/99

the Weather is verry warm all day wrote a letter a.m. and moved my stuff up to Companys Quarters being discusted with the Way they are running things in the Comisary we have fresh Meat in the morning but the post Comisary issued the same straite to the Companys in the Evening we all enjoyed a swim or a Row in the Bay while some are fishing

Tuesday April 18/99

Weather fine but warm good many of our men are getting passes to goe to Manila we recieved some Ration up until 20 and some fresh Meat wich I cut up but make up my Mind to quitt unless I get exstra pay I am now all togather with the Company wich havent start to do anything yet outside of Guard duty

Wednesday April 19/99

Weather is fine and we are resting but several Orders are read to us the regular routine of Buisness will comence on the 20th inst the Colonel made a trip across to Manila

Tuesday April 20/99

Weather fine most of our time is spent in reading writing and bathing we have all seen there is to be seen in Cavite

Regular Routine of Buisness

first Call 530 a.m.

Reveilly 540 ""

Assembly 545 ""

Mess Call 605 ""

Drill 655 ""

Assembly 700 ""

Sick Call 745 ""

Drill Recall 800 ""

Patrol 910 ""

Mess Call 1150 ""

first Sergent Call 100 p.m.

Roll Call 430 ""

Guard Mount 500 ""

Assembly 510 ""

Dress Parade or Drill 555 ""

Recall 700 ""

Tattoo 830 ""

Call to Quarters 845 ""

Tapps (lights out) 900 ""

Friday April 21/99

Weather is fine the regular Routine of drills goes in affect to day

9 men of each Co goe on Guard and Patrol and the same amount wich consist of the old Guard do partack Duty and 5 men recieve a Pass good to goe to Manila in the Evening we recieved Mail I recieved 5 letters and some papers

Saturday April 22/90

Weather is fine this being Saturday we have nothing to do but have Inspection of Arms and also Quarters I am now with the Company having quitt on my own account the Comisary spent most of the day in reading and writing

Sunday April 23/99

Weather lovely and a fine Breese is blowing we have Service at 1030 a.m. in Bible Class at 3 pm. and Praise Service at 7 p.m. recieved a smal Mail at 9 p.m.

Monday April 24/99

Weather fine we goe trough regular Routine of Drills but suspended Evening Drills on account the awfull Heat Lt Barnett has Comand of the Regiment while Col Hawkins acts as General Marshal of Cavite and Lt Colter of I Co acts as Provost Marshal we furnich 11 for Guard and 2 Corp and one Sergt most of all of us take a Swim in the Bay either Morning or Night Mail leaves via Hong Konk 6 wounded men are of duty 8 in the Hospital and a Number are sick in Quarters 34 of duty

Tuesday April 25/99

Weather is clear but hot regular Drill furnich 12 Guards and Patrol in the afternoon I was detailed to goe after Meat to the Meat Boat allthough the Water was rough and excitment high we returned safely at 7 pm our Ration are poor and much disatisfaction prevails among the Boys

Wednesday April 26/99

It has raigned all Night and the Morning is nice and refreshing many Battles have been fought near Malolas 5 of us had a pass to Manila I spent most of the train with my german Friend and returned to the Boat at 4 p.m. befor we went on the Train arrived from Malolas with 6 men Killed and 48 wounded and also many Rebels (wounded) all where put aboard the Hospital Ship and taken to first Reserve Hospital on Monday the same troops had lost 8 men wher Killed several drowned and 40 wounded and some wounded

Thursday April 27/99

We had a heavy Rain all Night had regular Drill recieved a smal Mail the Sheridan left taken with her lots of Mail I send 6 letters some Filipnio Books wich are Relics from Malolas and 3 pair of Slippers she had 950 men (discharged) on Board of her 12 men from Tenth from wich 2 where from C. Co Robert Griffith and W. Collins Albert McMaster T. Knight Wm Insly and Frank Kelly are in the Hospital here at Cavite and Ashcraft Wm Howard W Engelhard, Coriner and Benny Miller are at Manila the rest of our Wounded are in Company Quarters of duty and about 12 are laid up with sore Feet and Leg good many suffer with the Darby Itch most of our Boys are drawing new Blue Uniforms and Underwear I went on Guard at 5 o Clock it was a beautifull Night it is reportet that a heavy Battle was fought at Columpit over 600 N*****s Killed and verry smal losses on our Side.

Clothing account due me for first 6 Months $54.55

June 5, 1898

Blue Blouse 50

1 pair blue Trous 232

1 brown Duck suit 198

1 Blue Shirt 194

July 1 1 Under Shirt 48

1 pair Drawer 58

2 pr Shoes 189 378

1 Campain Hat 84

1 pair Suspenders 21

3 pair of Socks 18

1 Helmet 50

Nov 1 Blue Blouse 441

1 pair Leggins gratis

3 pair Socks 18

1 Mosquito Net Gratis

2 white Duck Suit 222

Nov 1 1 Poncho 141

1 pair Shoes


1 pair Tan Shoe Gratis

2 Gingham Shirt 62

Dec 20 1 Blue Shirt 194

2 pr Socks 12

1 Campaign Hat 84

1 Leggins 64

1 pair Baracks Shoes 82



Jan 6 1 pair Blue Trouser 232

Friday April 28/99

Weather fina all days our Men at Malolas putting in all Morning burying the death N*****s it is also reported that Alguinaldo is trying to consult with Gen Ottis his General and Staff have allready surenderd and are in Manila I came of Guard at 6 o Clock pm

Saturday April 29/99

Weather is lovely we have Inspection at 730 a.m. and also Inspection of Quarters only 44 men are fitt for duty 14 men are on Guard all Company have only a smal Number fitt for duty our drills are at present suspended we signed the Pay Roll this Morning Engelhard was discharged from Hospital and is in Quarters but not for duty is walking on Crutches here in Cavite everything is quiet here

Sunday April 30/99

Morning is nice and coole we are Mustered in at 7 a.m. was Major Breier Orderly all day had Service at 1030 and 7 p.m.

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Submitted and transcribed by John P. Asendorf,
great-grandson of John Henry Asendorf Resources

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