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The Diary of John Henry Asendorf

The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer
During the Philippine-American War (1898 - 1899)

June 1898

June 10/98

the Weather is clear and warm this day the whole Regiment without Exception is vasinated some on their Legs and some on their Arms we where also furniched with 2 pair of Shoes and 3 pair of Socks

June 11/98

the Weather is very warm we have a 2 hours drill in the Fornon and in the afternon the whole Cap walked out to the CliffHouse to partake a good Saltwater Bath and see the Sights of the beautifull Shore we also have Riffle practice I made 38 out of 50 the 6th best shot However Dachuty made the best shot 42. during this practice Priv. Georg Coun was hit on the Head but not very seriously he was taken to the Regt. Hospital

June 12

the Weather is very pleasant and we all had this beautiful Sunday to ourself in the morning I went to the Central church in the Morning on 14th Street in Company with 4 other christian Breathren in Blue we enjoyed the Sermon and the Lords Supper very much in the Evening we went to the ME on 4th Av Richmond during this day we had plenty of Visitors in Camp I had by Invitation with Comrade Joe Richway taken Supper at Mrs Gallagher in the City. and it was good too coming home after taps I had to jump the Guard line to Keep from punischment and succeeded allright

June 13/98

the Weather is verry warm Temperature being 112 F we had no drills on a/c our Arms being pretty sore by this time we all where issued a blue Uniform and our Outfit was made complete we receved Orders to break Camp at 7 am nesct day we where all verry glad and of course there wasnt much Sleep the Night in Camp

June 14/98

Weather verry pretty but it got very warn got up at 4 o clock. breakfasted at 6 clock and broke Camp and was ready to march of to pier No 7 a march of 5 Miles enroute we recieved Hearty cheers on all Sides we had hardly Room to march on the Streets our Mascots Boots and Read marched in line with us in Unifrom we arived at the pier at 11 clock where the Ladies of the Red Cross Society gave us Sandwiches and Coffee for dinner about 230 every man was on Board the Zealandia from wich we gave our farewell Speeches and cheers and Thanks and good many kindly Expression for our treatment at the Hands of the good people of Calf then we steamed out about 1 Mile in the Bay where we Ankered until we recieved Orders to go on our trip across the Paciffic

June 15/98

the Weather is pretty and all slept well on Board the Zealandia alltough Co C has the worst Quarters on Boat way down below (Bunck hole) where the Air is not good we are verry much crowded 3 Bunks being fisced on top of each other but have good clean Matratces and Wire Springs and a Life preserver at 2 p we raised Anker and at 240 we passed trough the golden Gate every Whisle in the City sounded the Alarm our Departure and all the people rushed to the Shore to see the last glimier of our Vessels our Rigging where full of the Boys and no doubt presented a beautifull Picture as soon as we where out of the Bay Order was restored but every body was hungry we didnt receive no Soupper that night wich caused aof course great Satisfaction the Sea is verry calm befor passing trough the golden Gate most of us send our last Mail ashore in a small Yacht.

Thursday June 16/98

the Weather is verry pretty but theSea is getting rougher and have small Showers of Rain good many of us are getting sea sick allready I was sick as a Dog in the Evening and our Grub wis verry poor everythink was packed so that the Comisary could not get at it so far we had made 2.25 Miles until now

Friday June 17/98

the Weather is pretty but the Sea is rough out Ration are a little better and most of us are getting sea sick I felt bad all day we see nothing all day but the Sky and Water and our Sister Steamer Zealandia (ours) the china in Comand of Gen. Green the Colon and Senator this day we coverd 230 Miles all is well outside the Sea Sick portion

Saturday June 18/98

Weather is pretty all day at during the Night a Steamer passed us but was only seen by the Guard all Boys are getting over their Sea Sickness this Evening we all witnessed the grandest and finest Sunset we ever seen this day we made 220 Miles

June 19/98 Sunday

the Weather is pretty and the Sea is very calm at 11 am we all listened to a good Sermon on the huricane Deck we also had a good Dinner (Patetoes and fresh Meat) in the Evening we had Services again we could also hear the Band playing Amerika on the Sl Senator wich was very close up to us we made 266 Miles this day everybody is well on Board the Ship.

June 20/98 Monday

Weather is pretty but verry warm on account of some having Cramplies we all had a general Inspection we all got rid of them in a few days, at about 2 pm we sighet a Steamer and we all got our Mail ready in no time we signaled the Steamer wich turned out to be the chinese Steamer Peru on her Way to Frisco we got our Mail on safe the china leaves us today in Order to get coaled at Honululu before we arrived this day we covered 274 Miles

June 21/98 Tuesday

Weather is pretty and the Sea is very calm we all had a good Shower baths at about 1030 am we stopped and witnessed a Funeral on Board the Senator everybody on Board is well we made 264 Miles this day.

June 22/98 Wednesday

Weather cloudy and have light Showers all day Captain D Bierer is Officer of the day Booth the Mascot broke his Arm we made 257 Miles

June 23/98 Thursday

Weather is pretty but verry hot all men are well on Board at about 6 o clock in the Evening we sighted Land and about 9 clock we where soon meet by the Pilot after a good bit of churning on both Sides we where safely drifting in to the pier at 10 clock it being late nobody was allowed to leave. I was on Guard and the second men to get a shore we had made up until 12 am 263 and the rest of time 102 Miles

June 24/98 Friday

Weather is pretty but terrible Hot all day we all left the Boat at 9 pm and walked trough the City returned to the Boat at 12 am at the Invitation of the Red Cross Society (or Courtle of 100) we marched in a body to the Capitol where there was prepared a elegant Dinner on the Lawn consisting of every kind Fruit Cakes Pies Meats Coffee Tea Cigars pops and all the pine Apples and Flowers we could carry after wich we listened to a fine Concert by the Honulula Band we had tje Liberty to goe trough all the public Building without exception this was a day well spent we all wrote some letter at the Capitol at Night at 9 o Clock we returned to the Boat wich had during all this time put on 3000 tons of Coal and lots of fresh Meat and Ice

June 25/98 Saturday

Weather clear and fine all are well on Board the Ship we steamed out in the Bay where we laid until 2 pm when we started of for Manila 4 men got left a Shore 1 Leutenant 1 of the Doctors staff and 2 privates we also took aboard 7 new recruits from Honululu 5 wich had being served as Regulars and 2 new ones the Night is cloudy and the Sea verry rough

June 26/98 Sunday

it raigned all day we had verry poor Meals this day 700 of Meat was trowing over Board we had 2 good Sermon Morning and Evening two men are in the Hospital we made up until noon 252 Miles

June 27/98 Monday

Weather nice and clear but our Quarters are verry uncomfotable our Meals are poor and not enough of it the Colon is allways behind we made 252 Miles

June 28/98 Tuesday

Weather clear and hot but in the Evening we have heavy Showers and had to go down below everythink is well on Board 2 men in the Hospital we covered 251 Miles

June 29/98 Wednesday

Weather pretty but verry hot we had fresh Meat and a pretty fair Supper everythink goes along smoth we covered 265 Miles

June 30/98 Thursday

this day we skipped

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Submitted and transcribed by John P. Asendorf,
great-grandson of John Henry Asendorf Resources

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