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PA Spanish American War

The Diary of John Henry Asendorf

The Story of a Pennsylvania Volunteer
During the Philippine-American War (1898 - 1899)

September 1898

Sept 1/98 Thursday

This is another pretty day we hear all kinds of Rumor "Grab Vein" about us going "Home" and about our coming of pay day in a few days we are doing our regular Routine of duty and also have a Inspection of Arms Blanket and Canteen Hustead christopher Lewis Burke Hanon and Daugherty are on the Sick List!

Sept 2/98 Friday

Another beautifull day but the sun is verry hot the Heat seems more opression here than at Home and the Thermometer registers less the Weather is fine right long and most of us think the rainy Season is over we have Beans Buisicit and fresh Meat to day the Solonel visited our Quarters and promice the Captain to hav Cotts send up for the Men to Sleap on Hustead christopher Lewis Burke Hanon Dougherty and Sgt. Martin are on the Sick List!

Sept 3/98 Saturday

This ia another fine "hot" day it being to hot to drill most of the Boys sneak of and visit the City Breweries ditilleries churches abd the Arsenal and all the places if Intirest No pay yet! Hustead christopher Lewis Burke Hannon and Sgt Martin are on the Sick List!

Sept 4/98 Sunday

this is a fine day but as usual hot as ever we all attend devine Services it is rumored to day that we are to be transferred to the first Brigade therby constituting a change of duty but the Colonel objects to this as all are satisfied with the present Quarters Hustead christopher Lewis Burke Hannon Max and Collins C.D. are on the Sick List.

Sept 5/98 Monday

This is another fine "hot" day our Captain visited our Men at the Hospital and reports Jno Baird verry sick and Fox allmost impossible to live and the Doctor blame it on the Regimental Doctor and say it was Neclect that the made no examination and was simply thretan for Cramps wich ailment he did not have. the Captain had told them that Fox was struck in the Stomach the Night of 31 with a Stone or some heavy dirt from the Breastwork wich was enough I think to start inflamation but like any other sickness they filled him up on Pills" Hustead christopher Lewis Hannon Collins C and Johnson J.P are sick

Sept 6/98 Tuesday

This is a beautiful day but as hot as ever we are still doing Guard duty at the prison the Captain recieves a telegram that Fox had died last Night at 1030 he at ones made the nessisary Arangment and the chaplain Hunter wiches it to be held right after dinner owing to the long distance to the Cemetary wich is situated 1 mile from the old Camp "Dewy" ole Company fill in line and marched to the Hospital we all viewed the Remains wich where to our surprise not a bit national showing showing that he had done suffered terrible Agoni on account of some delay about the Coffin we didnt leave the Hospital until 430 then the Marsh of a firing Squad 1 Carrige and 2 Carts (the squad rode little ponies drove out to the Cemetary we reached them about 7 o Clock in a verry short time we had dug the Grave as soon as he was lowered we fired the Salute (3 times) and the Bugler blowed Taps (3 times) we reached out Quarters at 930 I was indeed verry sore and tired and I guess all of us where Hustead Christopher Lewis Hannon Collins CD and Joe Johnson are on the Sicklist

September 7/98 Wednesday

the Weather remains clear and hot we are on Guard in the prisons we have had fresh Biscuit Beans and fresh Meat. Priv Cuite was Cour Martialed to day for disordely conduct and asaulting Underwood he was fined 16 3/4 for swearing $2.00 for disorderly Conduct and 6 days hard labor the Money to be deducted from his pay. Hustead christopher Lewis Hannon Collins and Joe Johnson remain on the Sick List.

Sept 8/98 Thursday

This is another fine "hot" day I was over to visit Jno Baird and Fred Jennevine. Fred is getting along fine and espect to be out in a few days but Jno Baird is verry low and not verry encourignment also down the Bay and gathered a few Schills chritopher Lewis and Hannon are on the Sick List

Sept 9/98 Friday

this is a pretty day but at 7 p m we have hard Rains wich continue all Night the Captain is trying to make Arangements to send Crable home who has being at the Hospital at Cavite for a long time the papers have all being completed and Thomas Rhoades has taken all of his things over to him at Cavite this is a quiet day all the Boys are resting up christopher and Lewis C. are the only ones on the Sick List

Sept 10/98 Saturday

This is another fine "hot" day but during the Night there was another Scare at the prison caused by a report that the Insurgent wher massing in the Rear at the Prison with intention of breaking in to and diliberate political prisoner and Early in the Morning right after Breakfast the Bugle Call to Arms was sounded and Co C reported at the prison in double quick and together with Companys H & D marched down the Street taken the first Road to the Right for about 400 Miles where we came to a halt just in Front of us we seen about 300 Insurgent wich where verry much surprised at this time General Hale apeared and ordered Comp I & C to march to the rear of the prison and in this Way surrounded them and told them to move back wich the did later on at 3 pm. we where relived by Co E christopher and Lewis are on the sick List

Sept 11/98 Sunday

this is a beautifull day here we are on Guard at the prison we have had fresh Meat for Dinner and beans the Captain and Leut. C Howard went over to Cavite to see Crable and took 2 letters for him along the learned that he was much worse but he was able to read the letters and the Captain asked him if he should answer them for him but he said no he that to able enough himself in a few days to write Liut. Howard stayed there with him and the Captain returned on the 2 o clock Boat here to the City the Captain told us all about his visit and said that he had Erysipila and that the doctors exspress their Opinoin that he could not get well in about 2 Hours after his arival here he recieved a telegram anouncing his death Lt Howard was ordered to make the nessasary Arangment we all went to the Opera House for Service in the Evening Christopher and Lewis are on the Sick List

Sept 12/98 Monday

this is another fine "hot" day Lt. Howard had stayed at Cavite all Night and came over with Crable Body in the Morning on the first Boat where Lt Woods and a firing squad meet him with 2 Rigs and Cart for the Body and Horses for the Swad the returned late in the afternoon and reported all the Graves of the 10 Regt Boys in good condition Christopher Lewis and Sgt Ewing are on the Sick List

Sept 13/98 Tuesday

This is another fine "hot" day we are guarding the prison and everything is quiet with the Exception of some Rumor stating that the Insurgent are forming another Attack on to the prison but we are not paying much Attention to them we have good Meals to day and all exspect Mail but where disapointed Christopher Lewis Ewing and Hannon are on the Sick List

Sept 14/98 Wednesday

This is a beautifull day and a nice Breese is blowing I took a Walk to the Hospital where I learned that our 2 patient where getting along fine I also seen the greatest and largest Cockpit in the City The Building is as large as a ordinary show Tenth where at least 5000 people witness the performances at one time but sins the breaking out of the War this has being used as a look out this Building has a Tower about 80 Feet high and a can get the best view of the City Country and Bay I enjoyed my trip verry much. Christopher Lewis Ewing Hannon Max and Strum are on the Sick List

Sept 15/98 Thursday

This is a fine day and we are having a good Shower in the Evening there was a change of Guard duty at the prison and here after we will have to do Outpost too Christopher Lewis Ewing Hannon and Baid James on sick List

Sept 16/98 Friday

Weathr is pretty but hot Co C is doing Outpost duty in the Rear of the Jail this is simple a point of Observation there is a telegraph Operator stationed here and the General Hale is making daily visits to this post Christopher Lewis Ewing Hannon Baird Jas Knotts and Jno Curry are on the Sick List

Sept 17/98 Saturday

This is a pretty day and Co C was relieved at 8 am by Co D after eating Breakfas (consisting of Steak Break & Coffee we where ordered to remain about Quarters as the paymaster would pay us his Visit after Dinner we formed in line and marched to the Opera House all the Boys are happy and most of them go to town and have a good time and doe lots of shopping The Mayor says that this will be the last pay we would receive on this Island indicating that We will probably goe home in a few Months Christopher Lewis Ewing Hannon Baird James and Curry Jno are on the sick List

Sept 18/98 Sunday

We had lots of Rain during the Night but the Morning was niece and clear the whole Co C is doing Guard duty for it takes every men not having time to attend Services any place in the afternon we recieved News paper anouncing the Fact that peace had being declared between the U.S. & Spain this of cause will make us all believe that we may soon goe home by this time nearly every Store in the City has being ran sacked by the Boys looking for Relics to take home the chinese Japs and Native and Spaniard are doing a ruching Buisnes and Saloon espesially Sunday and week day are all the same here as far as Buisness is concerned but the churches are open all day of course all are Catolic church bells are ringing from Morning until Night Christopher Lewis Hannon Baird and Kennedy are on the sick List

Sept 20/98 Monday

This is another beutifull day we have our regular Drill during the day have fresh Meat for Dinner and will have Steak for Breaffast Christopher Lewis Hannon Baird and Kennedy are on the Sick List!

Sept 21/98 Tuesday

it has raigned pretty all Night but everything looks fresh this Morning at 7 am we went on Guard at the prison where we relieved Co A the Boys are getting verry tired to perform this duty as the have to do strict "duty" There has being considerable Work done for the Boys by the Ciunanels such as Watch chains Cigarette holders Etc wich the will take home for Souviners christopher Hanan Baird James and Kennedy are on the sick List

Sept 22/98 Wednesday

This is a fine but "hot" day several of the Boys recieved some new Campagn Hats of wich there was a few left of we recieved whie Duck Suits also the Officer are getting themself new white Uniform wich look verry solderly and neat the Captain told me that we where soon to be relieved by Regulars wich where allready on their Way here. Christopher Hannon Baird James Kennedy Curry Jno Sparks and Conn are on the Sick List!

Sept 23/98 Thursday

This is another beautifull morning after a nice rain last Night No one could apricate the rising and setting of the Sun here only by seeing it The Colars are verry brilliant. Underwood and Brown got into a fight over a Game of Cards both showed up befor the Colonel the next Morning Underwood being fined $200 Christopher Hanan Baird James Kennedy Curry Jno Sparks + Conn are on the Sick List

Sept 24/98 Friday

this Morning it is nice and clear but in the afternon we had heavy Showers Co C went out on Outpost to relieve Co B. of the first Bat. This duty has become a pleasure to the Boys as the have nothing to doe for there are only 2 Post and the spent the time lounging around and listening to the "tick" of the Telegraph Instrument after dark the Native could be seen prouling around in the Rice field with Search light looking for something Christopher Hanon Baird Kennedy Curry J M Sparks Conn + Miller G.W. are on the Sick List

Sept 25/98 Saturday

This is a fine but "Hot" day we marched from our Outpost at 7 a.m. and didn't drill until Evenig it being to hot the Native begin to peddle roasted chicken Soup and Brussil and the Boys buy plenty for besides our Hart Brew Beans Rice and a litle Fresh Meat Every other day there is nothing else chickens sell at 60ct Mexcan Mony (30ct our) Christopher Hanan Baird Jas Kennedy Curry J M. Sparks Conn and Miller G.W.

September 26/98 Sunday

This is another fine "hot" day we are doing duty at the prison again, Orders seems to be the only thing issued these days Between the prison (Native) Official at the prison and Marguarettes (Whores) we are Kept in constant annoyance. Christopher Baird Kennedy Curry Jn Sparks Miller G. Twist and Wm Collins are on the Sick List

Sept 27/98 Tuesday

We had a good Rain during the Night wich gave us plenty of good drinking Water as we can use it without boyling it there is nothing new in our Routine of duty Christopher Hanan Baird Jas. Kennedy Miller Twist Collins W. and Daugherty remain on the Sick List

Sept 28/98 Wednesday

this is a beautifull Mornig after having a good Rain during the Night it hardly ever rains much during the day we had setting up a Exercice in the Morning and 3 drills this day the Captain and other Officer of our Regt credid us with being a well drilled Co and equal to the Regulars and move when ever ther is any fighting to do we are Known by all troops here as the fighting 10th or S.o.B. Lt Colonel Barnet arived in the Morning on the Arizona and gave us the first News about our Recruit wich had being "Side tracked" at Honululu and also told us that the Arizona had 30 tons of Mail on for our Soldier all Boys cherred up now for indeed many of us felt rather down hearted of late but he said he believed the Recruits would come yet the Mail didnt reach our Quarters until 7 pm I recieved 6 Letters and some Pittsburgh indeed ones more all of us feel Happy every one seems to have good News and the papers alltough 4 to 6 Weeks old where very interesting late in the Evening we recieved Word that Mascot No 2 "Searchlight" had died at the Regt Hospital of Malaria fever this Boy was picked up in "Frisco" by Co D. his home is in Oregon and his Vater & Mother are both said to be death a Sister in Frisco survive his death Christopher Baird Jas Hanan Kennedy Miller Twist and Daugherty are on the sick List

Sept 29/98 Thursday

a splendid rain during the Night Co C is on Guard at the prison the Insurgent are having a big day about 30 Miles north of this City (on the Railroad) it is estimared that about 25000 to 30000 Philipinos attented Sergt Martin and Debolt got permiss to attend besides a great many Amerikan ar invitet Christopher Baird Kennedy Miller Twist Daugherty Curry Jno and R Sparks are on the Sick List

Sept 30/98 Friday

We had another nice Rain during the Night Co C was relieved at 7 o Clock from Guard duty Martin & DeBolt report having had a good time wich the say could not be exelled in Pittsburgh the consider the Natives much more intelligent than we first considered and think the are able to take of them self we had Dressparade in the Evening and Review in Front of the Brigade Hospital during this it raigned heavy and we all got a good socken befor we got back to our Quarter we all dress in white Ducks and Helmet we had a good Soupper on our Return Beans and fresh Beef Christopher Hanan Baird Kennedy Miller Twist Daugherty Sparks and Curry Jno are on the sick List

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Submitted and transcribed by John P. Asendorf,
great-grandson of John Henry Asendorf Resources

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