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The Eighteenth Regiment, National Guard of Pennsylvania, composed of eight companies, located in the city of Pittsburgh, in compliance with the orders of the Governor, left Pittsburgh on the night of April 27, 1898, for Mount Gretna, where it arrived at two P. M. the following day, with thirty-four officers, and four hundred and eighty-four enlisted men present. On May 3rd, the regiment was reviewed by the Governor and immediately thereafter when the roll was called and the officers and men given an opportunity to volunteer for service in the United States Volunteers in the war with Spain, every Officer and enlisted man answered in the affirmative. Subsequently one officer and about thirty enlisted men were rejected upon physical examination. May 9th, one hundred and fifty recruits were transported from Pittsburgh in order to bring the strength of each company of the regiment to seventy-five enlisted men, and on May 1lth, Companies B, C, F, and G were Mustered In to the United States Volunteer service, foIJowed by Companies A, D and H on May 12th, and Company E and the Field and Staff on May 13th.

The regiment remained at Mt. Gretna, and on June 4th Company F, Captain S. W. Jefferis, under orders from the Headquarters Department of the East, was detailed for duty at AIJiance, Ohio, to guard the works of the Morgan Iron Company, reporting to the commanding officer of the Department of the Lakes, Chicago, Illinois. Company F remained there until August 24th, when it joined the regiment at Camp 'Meade, Pa. On June 7th, orders were received from the' Headquarters Department of the East, to move the balance of the regiment to Battery Point, on the Delaware Bay, below Delaware City, which movement was executed on June 17th. On June 15th, seventy-one recruits were added to the regiment. On June 23rd, under orders from Headquarters Department of the East, dated June 18th, Companies D, E and H, under command of Major John a. Kay, proceeded to Fort Brady, Michigan. Subsequently Company D, Captain Frank E. Doak, was detached from the battalion and detailed for duty at Fort Wayne, Detroit, Michigan, guarding the locks of the Sault Ste Marie Canal until August 23rd, when it rejoined the regiment at Camp Meade, Pa. On June 22nd, orders were received to move the command from Battery Point to Camp Meade, near Middletown, Pa. Similar orders were issued to the First Battalion with companies at Fort Rrady, Michigan; Fort Wayne, Detroit, Michigan, and Alliance, Ohio. The Second Battalion reached Camp Meade on August 22nd, the First Battalion August 25th, and the regiment was then assigned to the Second Army Corps.

Under telegraphic orders from the Secretary of War, dated September 2nd, the regiment proceeded to Pittsburgh on September 11th, preparatory to muster-out of the United States Volunteer service. Furlough was granted the regiment for thirty days, afterward extended ten days additional, when the Eighteenth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry was finally mustered out October 22, 1898.

Source: Record of Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898, Thomas J. Stewart, Adjutant General, 1900.

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