Pennsylvania Volunteers
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Look for your ancestors in this genealogy database of PA Spanish-American War soldiers. Use these free Pennsylvania military records to help with your PA genealogy search. Send away for your ancestor's military pension records & learn about your PA ancestry & family history.

Pennsylvania Soldiers of the Fifth Regiment

Spanish-American War - PA 5th Regiment Soldiers by Surname:
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5th PA Regt "Z" Surnames

Name, Rank, Company, Residence, Date of Enrollment, Promotions,
Mustered In Date, Mustered Out Date or Date of Death.

ZEIGLER, Joseph D. E., Private, Co. E; Residence: DuBois, Pa.; Enrolled June 20, 1898; Mustered in June 20, 1898; Mustered out with company Nov. 7, 1898.

ZERCHER, John W., Private, Co. M; Residence: Littlestown, Pa.; Enrolled July 15, 1898; Mustered in July 20, 1898; Mustered out with company Nov. 7, 1898.

ZIEGLER, Charles T., Private, Co. M; Residence: Gettysburg, Pa.; Enrolled July 15, 1898; Mustered in July 20, 1898; Discharged July 30, 1898, per paragraph 45, Special Order War Department, dated Aug. 3, 1898; Discharged to accept commission; Appointed 2d Lieutenant July 28, 1898; Mustered in July 31, 1898, at Camp Thomas, Ga.; May 11 with Co. Nov. 7, 1898.

ZIGLER, Foster, Private, Co. H; Residence: Johnstown, Pa.; Enrolled May 4, 1898; Mustered in May 11, 1898; Mustered out with company Nov. 7, 1898.

ZIMMERMAN, Edward, Private, Co. A; Residence: Birmingham, Pa.; Enrolled June 24, 1898; Mustered in June 24, 1898; Mustered out with company Nov. 7, 1898.

ZIMMERMAN, Harvey J., Private, Co. I; Residence: Forward, Pa.; Enrolled July 5, 1898; Mustered in July 8, 1898; Promoted Corporal July 16, 1898; Mustered out with company Nov. 7, 1898.
Source: Record of Pennsylvania Volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898, Thomas J. Stewart, Adjutant General, 1900.

Spanish-American War Pension Records

Spanish American War Pension Records typically have birth dates, addresses of next of kin, medical information, proof of marriage, proof of children's births, a summary of military service, and death certificates. To learn how to send away for pension records, go to Pension Records.

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Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Spanish American War
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